Krybot – Discord Bot

A Discord Bot developed to ease the management of discord servers relating to Minecraft Gaming Servers. Available on Github


A bot for discord app using discord.js


  • !mcstatus ip => pings the minecraft server using mcapi
  • !say text => echos text
  • !ping => pong!
  • !uptime => returns the duration the bot has been running for!
  • @botname => responds when @mentioned
  • Randomized Status

And much more coming soon! Try !help to get a full list of available commands


This bot is written to run on top of node.js. Please see

Once you have node installed running npm install from the bot directory should install all the needed packages. If this command prints errors the bot won’t work!

Windows Users

Please note that you must have a working C compiler and Python in your path for npm install to work. The bot has been tested to work on MacOS Sierra only.


Before first run you will need to create an auth.json file. A bot token is required. To start the bot just run node krybot.js.


If you update the bot, please run npm update before starting it again. If you have issues with this, you can try deleting your node_modules folder and then running npm install again. Please see Installation.


  • Add permission based commands
  • Channel Moderation
  • More Minecraft Server related commands


  • Omanges – He made a bot so I wanted to make one as well. So I guess thats inspiration!
  • HelloImJake – Even more Inspiration
  • Krysllio (myself) – For being awesome!

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