“People don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” – Steve Jobs

I’ve been developing websites since 2012. Initially it was mostly my own projects, experiments and projects for relatives or friends. Since 2015, I’ve worked on many freelance projects ranging from single page websites to large CMS. Over the years, I’ve gained a working knowledge of the relevant technologies to push myself even farther. If you need a Developer, then I’m probably what you’re looking for.

A small portion of projects I’ve worked on for clients over the past few years are on internal systems, sub-contracts whilst others are subject to Non-Disclosure Agreements. However, I have compiled a small selection of some of my projects.

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Personal Website

An earlier version of my portfolio featuring a one-page design with bright UI and colors. This version was replaced with the one you see now.  

Accurate Industrials

A WordPress site for a Bahrain-based workshop engaged in Machinery Manufacture. See live at

Siam Workshops

A WordPress site for a Bahrain-based workshop. See live at

Hiredd – Job Portal is a leading Job Portal for freshers in India focusing on clean, neat UI for distraction free job-hunting. See live at

NOV Server Dashboard

Developed an internal Server Monitoring dashboard to track players and their activities on the multiplayer servers on Nights Of Valor Networks.

Nights Of Valor Gaming Networks

Deployed and customized the Enjin website for Nights Of Valor Networks. See live at 

Detailed Portfolio

A deprecated version of a portfolio design that I used way back. Available on Github  

Krybot – Discord Bot

A Discord Bot developed to ease the management of discord servers relating to Minecraft Gaming Servers. Available on Github


Deployed a Vanilla-based forum for the RVS College of Engineering & Technology, Coimbatore

Reddit Freelance Jobs Tracker

Reddit Freelance Jobs Tracker was a personal project that I used to keep track of all the Freelance jobs that are posted to Reddit. Now it’s for all of you 🙂 This project currently tracks the latest jobs posted on 6 subreddits and can be modified to use with any subreddit with varying functionalities. I’ll be […]